Esusu Shop

"who we are"

We are esusu_shop, an initiative of bekz Global Ventures to help the common Nigerian acquire products of top quality without feeling the cost impact.

With our flexible installment plans, a customer can shop and complete payment within a given period after which his or her item is delivered to him or her.

We are open to sellers of all product categories we've listed, Sellers are covered by our "faithful sellers pact" which ensures that they're paid complete for products which a customer has began an installment plan for even before the buyer makes 50% payment.

Free giveaways are available through our very exciting auctions, a customer if lucky can win superb items at no cost, all he does is bid. The cost for the product on auction would have been covered by our sponsors prior to the start of the auction.

both avenues have been thoroughly planned to help achieve our vision.

"Our vision"

We hope that through our services, we'll help shape the homes of Nigerians into what they have dreamed.

contact us:(preferred: send an instagram DM to
our location:
Port Harcourt, Rivers State.